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Weighted Ben Wa Balls from

BEN WA GOLD BALLS IN BLUE PRESENTATION BOX, a very nice set of Ben Wa Balls.



Pleasure Ben Wa Kegel Pearls
3/4 Inch Weighted Ecstasy Balls In Pretty Shell Case.







 Opulent Lacquer Cote Ben Wa Kegel Pearls
3/4 Inch Weighted Ecstasy Balls In Pretty Shell Case.







 Gold Ben Wa Kegel Balls Presentation Box
Gold Toned Weighted Ben Wa Balls In Clear Presentation Case.





Pelvic Muscle Trainer from




What is the Kegelmaster 2000?

Vaginal Strength & PC Muscle Control

The Kegelmaster 2000 is the first and only progressive resistance vaginal exerciser in the world. It is a specialized exercise device designed to provide the best active resistance exercise to increase the muscular strength of the vagina. Each use will increase the tone of the muscles that (1) stop the flow of urine, (2) cause clitoral erection during sexual arousal, (3) rhythmically contract during sexual orgasm and (4) support the bladder, uterus and rectum.

The Kegelmaster 2000 is the best exerciser available to women today because it uses basic dynamic resistance exercise principles, which are proven to be the most effective in reconditioning weakened muscles. This form of exercise is commonly used in medical and rehabilitation facilities, health clubs and sports facilities.

The immediate benefits of using the Kegelmaster 2000 will be toning of the vaginal muscles that have been weakened by childbirth or disuse. The opinions of many woman have resulted in the final design of the Kegelmaster 2000. It was designed by a woman, for women, to fit comfortably, naturally and help you regain vaginal muscle development with confidence.

HEALTH BENEFITS Feel Secure, Confident and in Control!

Many female problems, such as, incontinence are caused by weakened PC muscles. In some of us, these muscles are so underdeveloped they are difficult for us to locate. The Kegelmaster 2000 is designed to automatically cradle these muscles, giving you an effective exercise program, unlike other exercisers available on the market today.

The Kegelmaster 2000 is a cost effective, easy to use alternative to painful surgery, pads or diapers and medication. If you are a sufferer of incontinence, or wish to avoid it in the future, the Kegelmaster 2000 is the choice for you. Of the estimated 19 million North American adults who have urinary incontinence, 80 percent are women. It's important to understand that incontinence is not an inevitable part of aging, nor is it necessary to accept long-term incontinence after bearing a child. Women who have just given birth can use the Kegelmaster 2000 to increase the friction and attain better vaginal tone.

After Menopause
The Kegelmaster 2000 can be used by older women who may have lost vaginal tone after menopause. It's important to continue to exercise and maintain the strength of the muscles as you grow older. At menopause, muscles may change and weaken. The stronger they are before this process begins, the better. For all these reasons and more, it is imperative that you begin an exercise program using the Kegelmaster 2000 now.

Childbirth or Stitching
Is it true that some women let doctors sew their vagina in order to get tighter? Is that really better than exercising? Sadly, it seems like some women do this to get a tighter vagina. Some doctors also make 'love-stitches', during the repair of episiotomy after childbirth to make the vagina tighter. However, as these women don't get the health benefits mentioned above (like stronger vaginal muscles and preventing incontinence, etc.), using the Kegelmaster 2000 is much more beneficial. Thus, 'love-stitches' is not a substitute for exercising your vaginal muscles.

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